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Christopher B. Contois

A PowerPoint Slide Master Checklist

1. Title Font
28 Points or larger, font color, font style, & justification. Verify the title font style (typically a system Sans font like Arial). Try to utilize system fonts. This will reduce font incompatibilities when running your presentation on multiple computers. Set the color and justification (left is most common) to your desired result.

2. Title Space - Will it hold 2 Lines
Verify the title text field is position where desired and that it will it hold two lines with "hangers" (i.e. letters like g, y, p), which may fall below your desired area. Also set the text box's anchor point to the desired height (middle, bottom, top). To do this go to format-placeholder- textbox and use the "text anchor point" drop down to select.

3. Smallest Body Text
Is it 20 points or larger, font color, font, & justification. Verify the body text's font (typically a Sans font like Arial). Try to utilize system fonts as not to run into font incompatibilities when running your presentation on someone else's computer. Set the color to the color and justification (left is most common) to your desired result. Finally, adjust indentation of sub-bullets if wanted.

4. Line and Paragraph Spacing
Is it set to the desired result (Format-Line Spacing)? Is the space between the lines too large? too small? Is there enough space between paragraphs? Personal preference is for my Line Spacing .9 and Before Paragraph .3

5. Bullets
Are they set to the desired symbol, size and color (Format-Bullets) This is another point of personal preference, however I stick with either circles, squares, or dashes for bullets and try to pick a color that compliments the text.

6. Text Fields
Make sure the bounding boxes of your text fields do not overlap graphics which may make the text difficult to read.

7. Important Information (i.e. Copyright, Logo)
Verify that this info is not within " of the border. Important information that is close to the border may get cut off when projected or mounted to slides. " indentation is recommended.

8. Remove Unwanted Elements (i.e. Date Field) Do you really need the page number, footer or date field? If not delete it.

9. Title Master
When in Slide Master mode Insert-New Title Master (Ctrl+M). Then follow step 1-8 again.

10. Slide Color Scheme Colors
(Format-Slide Color Scheme-Custom)
This advanced tip will help when using the drawing tools and creating charts. Select 4 colors that you think compliment your slides. Do any seem to stick out more than the rest? Alter it so they all have the same weight. Grab the RGB value and plug them into the "Fills", "Accent", "Accent and hyperlink", "Accent and followed hyperlink". These will become your first four colors of any bar chart. (It is recommended not to pick red, because it is seen as a negative color).


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