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Christopher B. Contois

A Bug???
Combining Flash MX and PowerPoint 2000

This bug is not 100% verified yet, if fact I am writing this to find out if anyone else is experiencing the same issue, and if so, then has anyone else produced a cure yet.

The bug is 2 parts, however I believe both stem from the new MX player. The first is that from what I have seen my old Flash inserted into PowerPoint files, no longer work without reinserting. The second problem is that shows which require the first frame of the Flash movie to be occupied with an image, now are shown upside-down. However, it is flipped right-side up during playback, producing a screen flicker. One semi-solution is: if your flash file is not married to other imagery on the slide, simply keep your first frame blank. However, this will not solve all of the issues.

As I mentioned earlier, it is a bug for me, maybe not everyone. Also, I do not have a perfect cure, in-fact I am soliciting one. If you can provide the end all cure, I will give you full credit, a link back to your site, and a 60 x 120 banner ad for 1 month.

Thanks for help with this one.


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