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Welcome to "I Present It".........The site dedicated to presentation concepts and software.

This site currently has two main sections, PowerPoint and Flash; and from time to time may have special features for Web tips, Design tricks, Video Solutions, and more.

If you have a question, concern, or wish to share something with the world, please let me know.

I also wanted to thank the following people:
Maureen (Snoopy) Kearns-
For both her constant corrections of my poor writing style as well as all of the support she has provided as my Long Island sister. Your the best! If you are looking for a writer let me know. She is one of the most talented.

John (Mr. IT) Rebocho-
Yet another proofer- if you think there are a lot of mistkaes now you should have seen it before.

Dawn Elliot (Ms. Elliot)-
I have never seen a person be more dedicated to learning web, multimedia, photoshop, illustrator and 72,000 other apps all simultaneously. Her dedication and drive is a real inspiration, and her continual positive feedback is what drives this site forward.


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